Cinema Fiasco

Attention, bad movie fans!

Cinema Fiasco makes its long-awaited return to Cinema Nova with a season of classic bad movies presented with live commentary by those mavens of movie-land mediocrity, Geoff Wallis and Janet A. McLeod.

It’s been a tough twelve months for many; but, for Cinema Fiasco, having endless hours to review their favourite bad movies was a godsend. Now, with their appreciation of dire dialogue, awful acting and substandard special effects honed to a knife-edge, audiences, both old and new, can experience the very best in bad movie commentary by bad movie cineastes at the top of their game.

Janet and Geoff are thrilled to be back in front of a live audience (assuming one turns up) and can’t wait to trundle out the same old jokes, bad puns and pithy opinions that have become synonymous with their work.

So if you’re still trying to shake off those lock down blues, grab a few friends and an alcoholic beverage and head on down to Cinema Nova for what is quite simply “two hours of almost constant laugh out loud hilarity.” Yes, a reviewer actually wrote that.

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