Double Features

Fight Club + The Fly

Opening Date: Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

DOUBLE BILL: The first rule of Fight Club: Don’t merge your DNA with a house fly! Wait, no, that’s not ... more

Jun 26th, 2022

Crow, The + Monster Squad

Opening Date: Sunday, 3 Jul 2022

DOUBLE BILL! A vigilante special: in one, a group of bored disorganised children, the other: an undead mascara equipped goth. ... more

Jul 3rd, 2022

Doctor Who Dalek Double Feature

Opening Date: Sunday, 10 Jul 2022

Brand new restorations of the two classic Doctor Who feature films starring award-winning actor Peter Cushing: DR. WHO AND THE ... more

Jul 10th, 2022

Pretty In Pink + Footloose

Opening Date: Sunday, 17 Jul 2022

DOUBLE BILL! Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star on the planet, international tensions between Russia and the USA continue ... more

Jul 17th, 2022

Talented Mr Ripley + Good Will Hunting

Opening Date: Sunday, 24 Jul 2022

DOUBLE BILL! Matt Damon gives two of his finest performances in a high-end Oscar-nominated double feature of THE TALENTED MR ... more

Jul 24th, 2022
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