Big Sick, The

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani and writer Emily V. Gordon put their own real-life relationship on screen in this charming romantic comedy about an American-Pakistani stand-up comic coming to terms with family expectations.

Kumail (Nanjiani playing a version of himself) is striving to find success in comedy while also constantly negotiating with his very traditional Muslim parents who are pressuring him to agree to an arranged marriage. What they don’t know is that he already has a girlfriend in the form of Emily (Zoe Kazan). But Kumail finds this secret life too hard to maintain. Just they decide to break up, Emily is suddenly hospitalised in a coma with a life-threatening illness, and Kumail is faced with meeting Emily’s parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano) who still believe he is their daughter’s partner.

Directed by Michael Showalter (Hello My Name is Doris, Wet Hot American Summer), THE BIG SICK is a comedy not only filled with near-constant laughs but with heartfelt warmth that blossoms as its too extraordinary to be anything but true tale unfolds.

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Rating M
Genre Comedy
Running Time 120
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