Big Trouble in Little China +Tron

DOUBLE BILL! It doesn’t get more 80s than Kurt Russell with a mullet and the impending threat of cyberspace.

John Carpenter explores the rough-and-tumble underground scene of sorcery and magic that existed beneath Chinatown in the mid-80s. Wait… this place wasn’t actually real? Phew. Simple trucker Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) finds himself and his side kick (Kim Cattrall) immersed in a fictional and eccentric world where they're forced to battle supernatural forces taking the shape of martial artists, sewer monsters and sorcerers (Everything Everywhere's James Hong!). Everybody relax, Jack Burton is here in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.

And on the course towards a real-world Meta-verse, TRON depicts hacker Kevin Flynn (a young Jeff Bridges) getting abducted into a gladiatorial digital world where life is fragile and everything is neon. Kevin’s only hope is a heroic security program ("Help me Norton Antivirus, you're my only hope!") that could save him from an eternity in cyberspace. Digitalisation truly is a terrifying thing. I hope it doesn’t catch on...

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Rating M
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 205
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