Charli XCX: Alone Together

It’s early 2020 and the world is thrust into lockdown, grinding everything to a halt - including pop superstar Charli XCX’s North American stadium tour. Stuck at home in LA and not working for the first time in her adult life, instead of bingeing both Netflix and junk food, Charli decides to push herself to her creative and physical limits by recording and releasing an entirely new record in just 40 days.

Armed with a producer sending her beats remotely, speedy deliveries of recording and filming equipment, a reluctant and utterly charming boyfriend and her legions of fans offering suggestions, video clips and adotation, Charli XCX embarks on both an introspective and deeply collaborative journey into the creation her widely celebrated album How I’m Feeling Now. Charli opens up about her struggles in her relationship, career and mental health in what is a refreshingly down to earth portrayal of not only a popstar, but a person struggling during the pandemic.

An intimate portrait of isolation, creativity and community, CHARLI XCX: ALONE TOGETHER is a head pounding and fist pumping celebration of Charli’s LGBTQIA+ fanbase, vulnerability and community.

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Rating M
Genre Documentary
Running Time 75
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