Dawn Raid

ADVANCE SCREENING: Sunday 17 January at 12.50pm. Tickets on sale below!

Oscar Kightley (Sione’s Wedding) directs DAWN RAID, a film that charts the rise and fall of New Zealand’s first hip-hop label. The iconic label was quick to ascend: after their formation by duo Brotha D and Andy Murnane in the late ‘90s, they went from selling bootleg t-shirts to signing acts that opened for Beyoncé, Busta Rhymes and Wu Tang Clan. An important voice for the Pacific community, Dawn Raid were on top of the music world of the southern hemisphere – until they weren’t. The ambition and bravado that built them up also bringing them down, Kightley’s film tracks the devastating losses they also experienced and the ultimate demise of the label.

Legend Deluxe: In-Cinema dining session.
Event: Special event screening, complimentary & discount tickets do not apply
CC & AD: Closed captions or audio description available for individual use for this session, captions DO NOT appear on-screen.

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Commences Thursday, 21 Jan 2021
Rating M
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 98
D PDF sessions Closed Caption CNMN THE ROOM 10 years