King of Staten Island, The

From Saturday Night Live sensation Pete Davidson and movie mastermind Judd Apatow comes a hilarious and heartfelt comedy about a New York State burnout who is forced to re-evaluate his life when his widow mother starts to date again.

Scott (Davidson) is a classic case of arrested development; living in his mother's basement, smoking lots of weed and dreaming of opening the world's first 'dine-in tattoo parlour'. As his sister (Maud Apatow) heads off to college, Scott's mother Margie (Marisa Tomei) decides to re-enter the world of dating. When Margie starts seeing a fireman (Bill Burr), this brings back difficult memories for Scott whose own fire-fighting father passed away on the job. Co-starring Steve Buscemi and Bel Powley, THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND is already being praised as the best film of Apatow's career.
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Rating MA15+
Genre Comedy
Running Time 136
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