MDFF: Finding Creativity/The Healing

Finding Creativity
By Roger Ungers
To be creative can be incredibly rewarding, yet the process of creativity can be arduous and fraught.
Finding Creativity is a captivating exploration of the creative process through the eyes of established glass artist Holly Grace, celebrated chef and restaurant owner Coskun Uysal, talented singer/songwriter Henry Brett and accomplished social entrepreneur Jan Owen. The subjects’ personal stories allow for an enlightening and informative look into how they came to work in creative fields and how they actively seek out inspiration. We hear firsthand accounts of their successes and struggles as they share their respective approaches to creativity. From this, we more deeply understand what it means to be creative and how all of us have the capacity to embrace it. Interwoven throughout their stories are rich insights shining a light on the history and pragmatic process of creativity from Dr. Tim Patston, a passionate creativity researcher. Tim concedes creativity is not a “form of genetically endowed magic” but is indeed something which can be taught, learned and assessed. And alongside the words of the films’ subjects, it becomes clear that making a living in any creative field can be difficult, yet extremely exhilarating and rewarding work.

The Healing
By Nick Barkla
The Healing is an inspiring documentary about transformation and getting a second chance in life. It explores a life-saving equine welfare program that brings traumatised ex-racehorses and traumatised military veterans together to help heal each other.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 116
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