MDFF: Shorts Session 1

STITCHED TOGETHER - Directed by Tess McArthur-Dowty: In a small town outside Melbourne, a community of unlikely activists fight climate change with their sewing machines – making reusable bags out of recycled fabrics.

THESE WALLS - Directed by Brodie Rowlands: THESE WALLS celebrates the defining uniqueness and timeless manner of the architectural designs of the brutalist style that encompasses the characteristics of the monolithic appearance and transcends the journey of life within the spaces.

SANTRA - A TALE OF INDIA - Directed by Maxim Zhuiykov: This film presents my impressions on how I felt while traveling through India featuring footage of people, places, and landscapes. From the chaotic cities to natural spectacles, the film shows how people are ultimately interconnected within India's diverse surroundings.

RIDE - Directed by Henry James Smith: Passionate and quirky bike mechanic, Ian Downing, works on bikes of all types, from basic entry-level to high-end performance. Ian has been riding bikes and working on them since the 1970s, and his passion for bikes only continues to grow. He has focused all his passion and experience into a unique bicycle repair shop set to become a local institution, a legacy where people connect over a shared zest for bikes.

LIKE WATER - Directed by Andrew Garton: Bruce Lee's motto, "being water", was adopted by Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement. It inspired a fluid, adaptive and mobile response when it came time to face the once-respected Hong Kong police force. Protestors encouraged each other to be Strong like ice; Flow like water; Gather like dew; Disperse like fog. LIKE WATER is a 'recycled cinema' essay drawing on archival footage found on YouTube and with artwork courtesy of Badiucao.

POUTINER - Directed by Oliver Bonenfant: It's a borderless homage to poutines created in less than favourable conditions. Go beyond the fact that most of these poutines are blasphemous to the original recipe and travel around the world with this weird cultural exchange. POUTINER, it's 21 poutines clumsily assembled with local ingredients in 14 different countries by a guy who simply got lost on the way to the restaurant.

TEDDY - Directed by Brent D'Souza: TEDDY was just 7 years old in 1974 when his mother, Aunty Jan Chessells, a prominent member of the Aboriginal community, moved herself and her four boys to Brunswick. The Chassells’ were the first Aboriginal family to move to Brunswick. While Aunty Jan was fighting for equality for the Koori people, the boys played. 47 years later and still at the same address, TEDDY shares a few of the stories that shaped him.

GONE WITH THE WING - Directed by Andrew Englisch: From renowned adventure filmmakers Safari Productions and cinematographer Hamish Pattison comes Andrew Englisch’s world first attempt to cross treacherous Bass Strait on his Wing Foil. A stunning, intimate, and raw portrait of Andrew’s journey to raise himself out of the depths of depression and be the first person to cross one of the most dangerous stretches of water on the planet, despite only learning to wing foil 12 months earlier and before his 55th birthday. GONE WITH THE WING is both an inspiring portrait of an ‘Old Bugger’ who pushed himself to the limits mentally and physically and an epic adventure in one of the world’s most rugged, wild, and beautiful regions. The result is an inspiring triumph of the human spirit.

MY MOTHER THE ACTION STAR - Directed by Maria Tran: Maria Tran is a Western Sydney-based actor, martial artist, and director. She is a leading action star in Asia and has worked with Hollywood luminaries such as Jackie Chan and Roger Corman, but it’s been a hard road, especially for a young Australian Vietnamese woman in the male-dominated, often sexist industry that is action films. Most of Maria’s work has been overseas as, despite its enormous popularity globally, Australia doesn’t produce action films—let alone female-centric ones.

CONNECTING THE DOTS - Directed by Doug Rowland: Tracking the 7-year journey from chance encounter to the creation of the first film ever to star a Deafblind actor. The story behind the story of the Oscar-nominated short film "Feeling Through."

KUROSAWA’S GRAVE - Directed by Ben Lopez: Viewed through the eyes of an expert cinephile, this pilgrimage to Japan and love letter to Akira Kurosawa will transport the audience to a moment where modernity meets nostalgia.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 95
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