MDFF: Shorts Session 4

A TOUGH GIG – Directed by Cath Murphy: A short documentary about Megan- a Mental Health nurse who describes the daily violence she experiences working in a mental health unit and her resulting Chronic Fatigue.

THE MV PORTLAND – Directed by Abi Richardson: This documentary tells the story of the MV Portland. It's about Australian seafarers, safest in the world, being replaced by foreign crew at $2.20 per hour. It's pure corporate greed trying to smash the workers. It's about workers fighting back and why they stood up for their rights "and every Aussie battler out there.

COMPLETE – Directed by Rosalind Leon-Thomas: Aparicio Leon showed up to work one day only to be taken away to be put in prison, leaving his family questioning where he had disappeared to and if he was even still alive. He reflects on his journey of survival through Chile in 1970 and what the conditions were like after he was released from jail. How did the Leon’s family survive and immigrate to Australia?

RUBY – Directed by Sarah Mengon: Ruby moved to Melbourne to start living the life she wanted to lead, but her family back home has other plans. Marriage in her culture is a family affair where everyone is involved. Ruby’s family have been on the hunt for someone to “take care of her” for years now but Ruby is in no rush to settle. RUBY is a 5 min documentary that depicts the pressure Ruby feels from her family to marry who they choose or to find her own way.

POLENTA – Directed Adrian Di Salle: A family gathers around the dinner table to share a traditional meal of POLENTA. Originally a peasantry dish passed down through family lines, the serving of POLENTA provides a space for communal gathering and intergenerational connection.

LIVING STRUCTURES – Caleb Plumridge and Phillip Barrend Roös: This documentary film provides a thought-provoking narrative questioning the current state of our built environment, challenging the status quo to consider how we need to include the structures of nature to create places of belonging. Human beings are intrinsically connected and linked to visible and non-visible geometric forms and patterns in nature – the LIVING STRUCTURES. To create healthy living environments in our cities and buildings, we need to include the principles of connecting to place, of belonging, of attachment to the natural world – biophilia – our innate connection to nature.

INFERNO – Directed by Samuel Rockwell: When dry lightning ignites a destructive bushfire atop of Mount Canobolas threatening 156 houses and vital multi-million-dollar infrastructure, 120 volunteer firefighters deploy to stop the blaze before devastation consumes their entire community. Capturing two rural fire brigades in action on the frontlines, Lidster and Clifton Grove-Ophir, we follow their dangerous journey to protect a beloved home against a ferocious fire front during the deadly heat of an Australian summer.

YOUNG AND THE RECKLESS – Directed by Johnny Agnew: ‘YOUNG AND THE RECKLESS’ chronicles the lives of a group of teenage runaways in Auckland City, New Zealand. Shot from 2014 to 2021, the film documents their uncertain journeys as they try to find their feet in the world.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 128
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