Sci-Fi FF: Polaris

Science Fiction Film Festival 2022: POLARIS + short film THE RISE.

POLARIS - Directed by K.C. Carthew.
Sumi and her polar-bear mother live in a snow-laden, post-apocalyptic world. Guiding them is the north star POLARIS, as they travel to where it shines the brightest, but their journey is interrupted by roving bands of warrior women. Soon, Sumi discovers an otherworldly companion in The Frozen Girl, and the small but fierce Sumi will learn about trust and friendship. Enlisting a real polar bear, a diverse all-female-identifying cast, and an incredible stunt team, this bloody and unrelenting sci-fi eco-adventure is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Screening with short film THE RISE – Directed by Alesja Suzdaltseva.
After her shuttle crash lands on a desolate ice planet, Lilit only has a short time to fix the craft's damaged energy core. She soon discovers she's not alone; an android is lurking nearby, possessing the same core she needs to fix her spaceship. But does she have it in her to deny this sentient being an existence, even at her own expense?
Thursday, 25th August

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Commences Thursday, 25 Aug 2022
Rating MA15+
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 111
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