Filmmaker Screenings & Special Events

Meet the people behind new films showing at Cinema Nova. Get an early look at some of the most anticipated titles of the year at our advance screenings. Join us for special events that celebrate films in a whole new way. If you love movies, we'll be seeing you soon at Nova.

ART ON SCREEN: Sunday 24 April at 3.00pm To celebrate Heide Museum of Modern Art's exhibition: Blue Over Time: Robert Owen ... more

Apr 24th, 2021

EVENT SCREENING Wednesday March 3 - 6.30pm - Tickets* on sale below Join us for a conversation with Nigel Wood, founder of ... more

Mar 1st, 2021

About Endlessness

Opening Date: Thursday, 4 Mar 2021

EVENT SCREENING - Thursday March 4 – 7.00pm. Ticket includes a drink on entry. On sale below Join us for ... more

Mar 4th, 2021

Father, The

Opening Date: Thursday, 1 Apr 2021

PRIVILEGE MEMBERS SEE IT FIRST Advance screening – Sunday March 14 – 4.30pm Tickets only $13 on sale below! Already considered a frontrunner ... more

Mar 14th, 2021
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