Scented Cinema

Immerse yourself in the aromatic allure of a Scented Cinema at Cinema Nova, a film series presented in collaboration with Snivure. This scent-enhanced cinematic experience will tantalise the senses of cinephiles of all ages, engaging not just eyes and ears but also noses. Experience classic cinema like never before, with each film reimagined through the magic of scent.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Opening Date: Friday, 5 Jul 2024

Transcending traditional cinema, a symphony of scents will deepen audience immersion into Jim Jarmusch’s world of love, art, and the ... more

Jul 5th, 2024

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Opening Date: Saturday, 6 Jul 2024

Promising to engage all your senses, enjoy the original Roald Dahl adaptation like never before!

Guests receive a magical Whiff & ... more

Jul 6th, 2024

And now for something completely different: a double feature of two rarely screened short documentaries from celebrated filmmaker Les Blank, ... more

Jul 7th, 2024


Opening Date: Sunday, 7 Jul 2024

Breathing new life into the silent horror classic, surrender to F.W. Murnau’s classic accompanied by ten scratch-and-sniff scents that span fresh aromas from the natural world to the unnatural scents of the ominous Count Orlock (Max Schreck), presented on ... more

Jul 7th, 2024
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