The Room

Described as the best 'worst film' ever made, Tommy Wiseau's comic tragedy THE ROOM starring Wiseau and Greg Sestero has been screening monthly at Cinema Nova since 2010. A hilarious interactive experience where the audience lovingly heckles the drama on-screen, it has become a Melbourne cinema favourite. 

Oh hi Mark! AN EVENING INSIDE 'THE ROOM' WITH GREG SESTERO! Monday November 27 + Tuesday November 28, 7.00pm. Revisit the disasterpiece of the century with live commentary from star and author of 'The Disaster Artist' Greg Sestero. Featuring a post-film ... more

Jan 5th, 2024

From visionary director Tommy Wiseau. The world's most vicious hunter has come to the Bayou. From self-proclaimed "visionary" director Tommy Wiseau (The Room), the long-awaited action-thriller BIG SHARK is Wiseau's most ambitious project yet. ... more

Jan 5th, 2024
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