Flux Gourmet

ADVANCE SCREENING: Friday September 2, 8.30pm. Peter Strickland’s delirious new feature FLUX GOURMET is coming to Nova and we’re giving you a chance to catch it early! Drinks and dessert on entry provided by the Sonic Caterers.

From provocateur Peter Strickland (The Duke Of Burgundy, In Fabric, Berberian Sound Studio) comes an outré psychological thriller with a satirically comic take on artists and those who commission them.

A sonic collective who can't decide on a name takes up a residency at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance. Members Elle di Elle (Fatma Mohamed), Billy Rubin (Asa Butterfield) and Lamina Propria (Ariane Labed) are already caught up in an internal struggle for dominance when their dysfunctional dynamic is exacerbated by the institute's head, Jan Stevens (Gwendoline Christie). With various rivalries unfolding around him, Stones (Makis Papadimitriou) - the Institute's 'dossierge' - is enduring his own problems whilst documenting the collective's activities.

Deliriously demented and overflowing with unique characters and situations, Strickland’s latest is a savoury delight for those with a sophisticated cinematic palate.
Friday, 2nd September

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Commences Thursday, 8 Sep 2022
Rating CTC
Genre Comedy
Running Time 108
New & Noteworthy
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