MDFF: Shorts Session 2

PHOSPHERENES - Directed by Sofie Mcclure: The colours we see when you close your eyes tightly or press them with your fingers. Inviting you to close your eyes, Phosphenes exposes the porous nature of the body’s boundaries, exploring how we come to ‘see’ our body through the eyes and touch of another. Using the eyes like hands, bodies loom too close to the camera, becoming subsumed by colour and disappearing into disjointedness.

YEAH ROY! SKATING, SQUATTING, AND MUSIC IN MELBOURNE - Directed by Tom Mcpherson: This documentary captures Melbourne's underground squatting, skating, and music scenes. In 2012, a group of skaters and BMX riders from Fitzroy transformed a derelict inner city building into a space for art, punk gigs, skating, and riding. After getting kicked out by the owners, Aladdin, one of the skaters, searched Melbourne for new abandoned spaces to continue living his dream. This is his search to reclaim a lost paradise, featuring skating and music from some of Melbourne's best skaters and local bands.

THE DAVID SCOTT STORY - Directed by Jary Nemo: Melbourne activist David Scott spent a lifetime fighting poverty, was a pioneering advocate for East Timor, and created an enduring legacy in social justice and environmental reform. Through the recollections of people who knew him this gentle, reflective story unpacks David Scott’s life. Beautifully crafted, the film is a powerful visual reminder of the social transformations of late 20th century Australia.

UNKNOWN MELBOURNE - Directed by Julian O'Shea: Unknown Melbourne is a YouTube documentary series hosted by award-winning educator and designer Julian O’Shea, exploring, and explaining the hidden side of the city. Explaining the bridge that keep being hit by trucks, to the pedestrian crossing button that features in a hit song - these unknown stories give an insight into the design, history, and fascinating stories of the city of Melbourne.

HER, GRACE - Directed by Katrina Lolicato: Snapshots never tell the full picture. Some say life is predestined. Perhaps it is. Some people are born into opportunity, health, wealth. They are born to be remembered. Others live within the limits of being born ordinary but may earn their place in the hearts and minds of those around them. If you had the chance to meet someone who will be remembered for 1000 years or more, what do you think you'd talk about? And in that moment, would there be someone else you'd rather be with? The happiest snapshots are the hardest to look at when there is one person missing from the picture.

TINNING STREET - Directed by Samuel Kostevc: The lived experience of asylum seekers and refugees during Melbourne's COVID-19 lockdowns, shared in their own words, and the efforts of a small team of social workers seeking to unburden an already vulnerable community now left behind.

MAGICAL CROW - Directed by Joseph Betros: A poet's story of his upbringing and troubled relationship with his mother is set against fragmented imagery and one of the poet's written works, THE MAGICAL CROW.

THE SANCTUARY - Directed by Tim Brown: Recounting his love of the water, Ray Lewis, OAM, snorkels among the vibrant sea life of the marine sanctuary he has helped to protect.

JUDY’S THOUGHTS - Directed by Melody Gilbert: In 1981, my vibrant mother made an audio recording of her thoughts as her life was slipping away. I couldn’t bring myself to listen, until now.

ME, MOHAMMAD, AND THE MINT PLANT - Directed by Cat Mills: In the war-torn city of Mosul, Iraq, Canadian nurse Trish develops an unlikely friendship with Mahmoud, a local man who takes his beloved mint plant wherever he goes. As Trish discovers the mystery behind Mahmoud's precious plant, she learns the importance of keeping your promises to the people you love.

MELLOW - Directed by John Tsiavis: Some people choose to be an activist, for others, it's an ongoing fight for survival. This is a 'moving portrait' of Mellow, a trans, non-binary activist in Los Angeles. The story of moving out of darkness into the light, turning hardship into positivity.

SKATING AND TALKING - Directed by Liam Martin: In May 2019, the skateboarding industry was left devastated by the news that British pro skater Ben Raemers had died by suicide at the age of 28. In this film, friends and family reflect on Ben’s rise to US sponsorship, and the struggles that came later as his mental health deteriorated. His tragic death sparks a mental health reckoning within the skate community, with other pro-skaters now questioning their assumptions about mental health and sharing stories of their own.

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Genre Documentary
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