MDFF: Shorts Session 3

WALLACE – Directed by Ali Jahani: WALLACE explores a hypothetical final day of his life as he comes into terms with death whilst obtaining closure from his loved ones.

FLIGHT OF THE HELMETED HONEYEATER – Directed by Angus Hamilton: FLIGHT OF THE HELMETED HONEYEATER is a documentary focussing on this critically endangered bird and the volunteers giving up their time to save this Victorian treasure.

ANIMAL REQUIEM – Directed by David Urbinder: Inspired to amplify the urgent call-to-action by climate activists, a small group of makers set their minds to creating an artwork that could not be ignored. The result is an extraordinary 4-metre tall Burning Koala animatronic puppet. This short film captures the koala's maiden outing, a funeral march for the 3 billion animals lost in the Black Summer bushfires. Accompanied by the haunting presence of Extinction Rebellion's Red Rebels, the Burning Koala brought passers-by into a state of shock and mourning, as it made its way along the St Kilda beach in Boon Wurrung country.

INDIA’S NEW GAME – Directed by Mark Hellinger: Australian Rules football is taking off in in India, follow the first ever Indian team to compete on home soil in an Australian Rules match.

VANITAS – Directed by Steven Andrew McIntyre: VANITAS is a son’s belated eulogy to his long-dead Anglo-Indian father whose modest aspirations were crushed by bad luck, ill-health, and racism. The film explores the often-combative and testy relationship between these two immigrants through animation, music and spoken-word narration. The work resonates with Lauren Berlant’s concept of ‘cruel optimism’ – that is, the investment in dreams and life goals that generate anxiety, dissatisfaction, and despair.

I’LL STAND WITH YOU – Directed by Matt Norman: A short film dedicated to taking a stance against racism in sport.

BABA – Directed by Firass Dirani: ‘BABA’, which means ‘Dad’ in Arabic, tells the heart-warming story of Mohamad Abbas Dirani, a Lebanese-Australian immigrant, and his ambitions as a young shepherd. Mohammad was the eldest of 10 children and was ordered to be the family's main bread winner at the age of 7. He never imagined adversity knocking at his doorstep so early

THE 44 SCARVES OF LIZA MINNELLI – Directed by Russell Brown: A filmmaker purchased 44 of Liza Minnelli’s used scarves at auction and sent them to 43 friends asking them to make images which suggested “Minnelli metaphor.” This project is the result…

NIGHT RIDE – Directed by Todd Karehana: When a mother of ten returns nightly to the old family home to feed stray cats, her son questions its connection to the death of his brother. A 66-year-old mother has an unusual ritual of returning to her old family home to care for stray cats. Worrying about the implications of her obsessive routine, her son wants to understand why. Joining her night rides, it’s time to unravel the truth.

MAY BEE – Directed by Veranika Bandarovich: “Is this the end? Will Dr. Maybee enter a hospital ever again?”. During the coronavirus pandemic in the time of social distancing afflicted children are all alone with their illnesses. They are in need of magical visits from clown doctors like Dr. Maybee more than ever. Through the unique perspective of a hospital clown, this film explores the essence of and the desire for human connection, reminding us of its transformational power.

ABOVE THE LAW – Directed by Bryony Dunne: ABOVE THE LAW links the routes of migratory birds with the journeys of people who traverse the same bodies of land and water. Unfolding atop a pigeon coop in Cairo, across bird watching towers on a Greek island as well as the border in Northern Ireland, these parallel journeys depict the laws of nature vis-à-vis the rule of man, reminding us that geopolitical are irrelevant to some species. The film features a literal bird’s-eye view as eagles, carry cameras on their backs, becoming instruments of surveillance, capturing nature, both human and nonhuman.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 130
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