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Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman (The Hours, Moulin Rouge) delivers an unforgettable performance in Alejandro Amenábar’s gothic supernatural thriller from 2001, THE OTHERS, fully restored and back on the cinema screen.

In 1945, Grace (Kidman) and her two children wait for her husband's return from the war, living an unusually isolated existence behind the locked doors and drawn curtains of a secluded mansion in Jersey. Three mysterious new servants arrive and, as it becomes chillingly clear that there is far more to this house than can be seen, Grace finds herself in a terrifying fight to save her children and preserve her sanity. Acclaimed by critics and winner of 8 Hoya Awards including Best Film, Amenábar’s compelling psychological horror classic will keep you on the edge of your seat. And remember: don't reveal the film's secrets

Rating M
Genre Thriller
Running Time 104
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