Romantic Road

Directed by newcomer Oliver McGarvey and produced by Sharon Stone, ROMANTIC ROAD is a documentary that tells a love story - set against the backdrop of the scenery of rural India - that takes the viewer on an unusual sort of journey. Rupert and Jan Grey, an English couple married for 35 years and on the brink of retirement, decide to take an alternate option to winding down their lives: hopping into Rupert’s father’s 1936 Rolls Royce and driving across India. On their way to a photography festival in Bangladesh, the couple encounter an adventure which takes them over six months and 8000 km, finding friends, conflict, and the occasional maharajah on the way. Proving that neither mechanical repairs nor age are any obstacles to a hell of an adventure, McGarvey’s documentary will have you longing for the roadtrip life.

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Rating PG
Genre Documentary
Running Time 81
D PDF sessions Closed Caption MDFF CNMN THE ROOM 10 years